Asia has the largest landmass of all the continents. From monsoon soaked India, through the snow-capped Himalayas to the humid jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia, Asia is a region of dramatic landscapes, interspersed with vine covered temples and longstanding traditions.

Marco Polo first travelled to China, travellers have been drawn to discover
one of the world's oldest civilisations. From the great Wall to the dramatic
Guilin peaks, China will awe you as it once did the dynastic emperors.

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noble Samourai warriors to delicate cherry blossoms, Japan is a richly
contrasted country. Snow-capped mountains and world-class dive spots in balmy
coral reefs, discover the real Japan: rich in tradition, resolutely modern.

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for its pristine beaches and dense rainforests, Maylasia also reflects the
best of its Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences. And then there’s
the food: some of the best in the world. What are you waiting for?

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