of volcanic islands featuring tropical beaches, tigers, orangutans and other
exotic wildlife, historic temples, Balinese dancers and lush vegetation.
Spellbinding wonders! And that's before we start about the beaches.


Welcome to Club Med, on Indonesia's island of grace. Sun, smiles, gentle manners and delicious delicacies await you in an exotically colourful setting for a heavenly Balinese holiday. Immersed in nature and Indonesian culture, Club Med's Bali Resort combines exoticism with Club Med comfort and a generous array of activitites,

Bintan Island

Recharge and get ready for anything. Journey to a private island paradise where wellness is at the core of the experience. Club Med Bintan Island will tailor family or couples’ getaways to elevate fitness routines, offer healthful dining options, and a wealth of fun activities and sports to reinvigorate the body and relax the mind. Located only 1 hour from Singapore, which is perfect for weekend getaways, discover crystal clear waters, white long sandy beaches, and swaying palms at our all-inclusive retreat.

Holiday in Indonesia: head for the enchanting islands with Club Med

On the world’s largest archipelago, where volcanoes loom over paradisal beaches and immense jungles, live an authentic and fascinating experience while on your all-inclusive stay in Indonesia.

In a captivating Indonesian mosaic, experience nature like you've never seen it before

Break away from the beaten track during your all-inclusive stay in Indonesia. Just a few hours by plane from the Club Med Bali resort, discover the Komodo National Park and the small Sonde Islands. In this spectacular setting, you can encounter Komodo dragons, prehistoric animals that can grow up to 3 metres long. On your way back to the resort, take the time to gather your thoughts on the Gili Islands, particularly the fine white sands and coconut palms of Gili Air.

A spiritual break with Javanese and Balinese wonders

During your stay in Indonesia, follow the path of your Karma which willl lead you to some of the oldest temples. On the island of Java, the Buddhist Borobudur temple and the Hindu Prambanan temple fulfil your spiritual desires. In these stone Stupas hidden in the tropical jungle, the magic reaches its peak at sunset. In Bali, at the Uluwatu temple, enhance your spiritual getaway with panoramic views. At only 40 minutes from the Club Med Bali resort, the temple offers a 360° view, from the surfers navigating the ocean waves, towards the neighbouring island of Lombok.

Not just an all-inclusive holiday, but an active and immersive Indonesian experience

Once you’ve unwound and indulged in these discoveries, let the active part of your holiday begin! In Indonesia, you won’t be short of choice! On the island of Flores, diving sites with vibrant corals await those with a penchant for the seafloor. On the island of Java, keen hikers and climbers will have plenty of thrills: in the Kawa Ijen region, volcanoes and tropical flora will reveal your inner adventure trait. More traditional, but just as active, take the time to test out the Ria Bintan Golf Club or try out a yoga session just 5 minutes from the Club Med Bintan Island resort. During your stay in Indonesia, let yourself be seduced by the zen attitude…

Borobudur and Prambanan Temples

Both situated at the centre of Java, between “Volcanoes and rice fields”, the Borobudur and Parabanan Temples are included in the list of must-see sites in the region. One is a Buddhist temple, the other is Hindu; what brings them together is doubtlessly…

Kawah Ijen

To the far east of the island of Java you’ll find an active volcano. During an all-inclusive stay in Indonesia, adventurers won’t be able to wait to climb one of its craters, filled with a jade-coloured lake. One of the stops available on the “Bali and Ka…


Perched on the edge of a cliff, to the far south of the island of Bali, you’ll find the Uluwatu Temple: discover this mysterious place during a “Bali Escape”. Dedicated to the sea gods, this spiritually charged place honours them perfectly with a plunging…

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, on Flores Island you can enjoy a unique experience at only 1 hour and 30 minutes by plane from the Club Med Bali resort. Try deep sea diving, river trekking, volcano climbing... Visit traditional villages and ge…


2 hours and 30 minutes by speedboat from the Club Med Bali resort, discover the three Gili Islands during your all-inclusive stay in Indonesia: scenery straight from postcards. Close your eyes for a moment and just imagine the turquoise waters, stunningly…


To the north of Bintan Island, just 1 hour and 30 minutes from Singapore and 5 minutes from the Club Med Ria Bintan resort, the Ria Bintan Golf Club welcomes golf lovers amidst white sand beaches. With an unobstructed sea view, its course is made up of 36…

Bintan Island


07 mars 2019 - 08 mars 2019

Dates to be confirmed. A meeting which is unique in the world and which is held each year in Bali, marking the new year. On the day of Nyepi, the island’s inhabitants must remain in strict silence, in meditation, to avoid attracting demon…


29 maj 2019 - 29 maj 2019

Dates to be confirmed. During an all-inclusive stay in Indonesia, experience a typical Indonesian day of celebration at Borobudur during Waisak, a festival which marks the birth of Buddha. Buddhist pilgrims meet early in the day to pray t…

Indonesia: a journey to experience as a family

In this little corner of paradise where nature takes over, experience exceptional sensations as a family.

Indonesia: home to the most incredible species

Behind the colourful natural surrounding and astonishing varieties of Indonesia, rare creatures are hiding. Come close to rare species such as Komodo dragons on the island named after them, or sea turtles that are hundreds years old on the Gili Islands. Less exotic but nonetheless impressive and valuable to the region, meet the famous orangutans at the Tanjung Puting National Park.

In Indonesia, witness the rich and magnificient nature together as a family

The splendid surrounding nature makes your holiday in Indonesia a moment of total escape to be shared with the whole family. Immerse yourself in the preserved temples for a cultural visit full of sensational explorations. Only 40 minutes from Club Med Bali resort, and perched 70 metres above sea level on the cliffs of Uluwatu Temple, you can discover breathtaking 360° views over the ocean. A 2 hour drive north leads you to Tanah Lot Temple, accessible only at low tide, where your kids will be astonished by the spectacular sunset.

Things to do in Indonesia

Family adventures

Komodo National Park

Spread across the Sonde Islands, the Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, protects and homes Komodo dragons, a bizarre species of giant lizards. Today, around 6000 of these reptiles, straight from the prehistoric era, live in the rocky hill…

Tanjung Puting National Park

Protected by UNESCO since 1977, the Tanjung Puting National Park is a biosphere reserve covering 4000 m² of forest. This animal reserve hosts a large number of orang-utans and is bursting with other species of monkey, bird and reptile. It was ethologist B…

Uluwatu Temple

Perched the edge of a cliff, to the far south of the island of Bali, you’ll discover the Uluwatu Temple. Head for this mysterious place during a “Bali Escape”. Dedicated to the sea gods, this spiritually charged place honours them perfectly with a plungin…

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