The Caribbean

For anyone looking for sun, sea, sand and adventure, the Caribbean is a veritable paradise. White sand beaches, warm turquoise waters and a variety of activities for all ages make holidays to the Caribbean postcard perfect.


volcanic island of Basse-Terre, the sandy beaches of Grande-Terre, and a host
of smaller islands all offer something different but always with a hint of
the islands' rich French-Caribbean culture.

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Home to
the "Paris of the Caribbean" as well as Mount Pelé, Martinique
offers a variety of landscapes and activities. The island's luscious scenery
makes a wonderful playing field for world class water skiing and

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Turks & Caicos

coral islands that were once home to pirates, today Turks and Caicos is a top
spot for divers and snorkellers. But not only. The islands boast small
historical villages, varied landscapes and uncrowded beaches to boot!

Discover our all-inclusive holidays in Turks & Caicos

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