Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic offers colonial architecture and modern structures, peaks
and valleys, cliffs and mangroves, white sand beaches lined with palm trees,
salsa and merengue. Add the locals' warm welcome and DR has it all!

Punta Cana

Punta Cana is the ultimate Club Med experience for an all-inclusive holiday in the Dominican Republic. Cocktail by the pool, siesta under the palm trees, circus and games for the kids - absolutely everything you could wish for to ensure you of that holiday magic.

Michès Playa Esmeralda

Discover Michès, the new hidden gem of the Dominican Republic made unique by its untouched beauty. A star of our Exclusive Collection, this chic and environmentally friendly resort, the first of its kind, is designed with four distinct boutique-villages providing for a one-of-a-kind getaway with exclusive services.

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Caribbean charm comes as standard during your stay in the Dominican Republic

From tropical excursions to lobster tasting on the beach and the rhythms of bachata, there’s everything you need to take the time to sit back and relax. Plan your stay in the Dominican Republic at your own pace.

Your holiday in the Dominican Republic: nature in all its forms

Enjoy nature at its most luxuriant during your all-inclusive holiday in the Dominican Republic. From fine sandy beaches to tropical forests, the country’s landscapes are as different as they are fascinating. In the South-East, venture amongst the exotic foliage of Cotubanamá National Park and explore the exceptional marine fauna with its manatees and dolphins. Just opposite, on the island of Sanoa, you can play at being a modern-day Robinson Crusoe on the white sandy beaches, lined with coconut trees. The clear waters are all yours along with a tranquillity that will truly make you feel like a castaway. Finally, to round off your adventure, take a horseback ride through the forest and cool off in the refreshing waters of the El Limon waterfall, 50m high.

Embrace this wonderful mixed culture

After recharging your batteries in the heart of nature, take a walk in the footsteps of the first inhabitants and go back in time in the Indigenous Eyes ecological park of Punta Cana. Its dozen clear-water lakes make this site a paradise on earth.
Continue your all-inclusive holiday and set sail for a cruise aboard the Club Med 2 to discover the cultural mix of the Dominican Republic. In Santo Domingo, visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Incarnation, which dates back to the time of the conquistadors.
Conclude your all-inclusive stay in the Dominican Republic as you relax to the beat of bachata or merengue. Born here on the island, you’ll love these dance rhythms with their enchanting cultural mix.

Move to the Caribbean beat: the pleasure’s all included when you stay in the Dominican Republic

An all-inclusive holiday in the Dominican Republic means taking it easy and slowing down the pace. After a swim in the turquoise waters of the Hoyo Azul cenote, head for Punta Cana beach and enjoy a tasty plantain banana soup called sancocho, or a marinated lobster. With renewed energy courtesy of your tasty meal, treat yourself to a round of golf at Corales, while enjoying the calming sound of the waves that meet the shore just a few metres from the green.

As you look up at this imposing building, you’re standing in front of the oldest cathedral in the New World, where Christopher Columbus lay until 1992. Built in the 16th century, the site’s architecture takes you to the heart of the Spanish Renaissance, a…

Punta Cana

Gourmets and food lovers from the Dominican Republic are familiar with Avenida Duarte of Santo Domingo, just 2 hr 15 from your Punta Cana Club Med resort. In the heart of Chinatown, you’re transported into the middle of teeming Asian life. It’s an opportu…

Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular destinations for golf enthusiasts. On site, close to your Punta Cana Club Med resort, put your skills to the test on this technically demanding course. In the kind of setting only the island can offer, tak…

Punta Cana

A horseback excursion to this natural site takes you into the heart of the rainforest, 300km from your Punta Cana Club Med resort. At the end of your hike, you reach a lush setting where the cascade flows in a truly spectacular curtain of water: a unique …

Punta Cana

Once you’ve settled into your Punta Cana Club Med resort, you’re just twenty minutes from one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Its translucent water and white sand will dazzle you as you lay your towel in the shade of a palm tree. It’s what ma…

Punta Cana

Punta Cana Salsa & Bachata Festival

17 augusti 2019 - 19 augusti 2019

Dates to be confirmed. Romance and sensuality are what’s in store at this artistic event that’s open to everyone, just 1 hr 45 from your Punta Cana Club Med resort. With its international appeal, the festival attracts hundreds of festival…

Take a family holiday in the Dominican Republic: adventures guaranteed!

Between the waves and coconut palms, discover the secrets of this paradise island on a family holiday.

Drink in the exceptional landscapes of the exotic Caribbean coast

During your family holiday in the Dominican Republic, enjoy both the sun and the turquoise sea together on the island of Sanoa by taking a boat trip out to visit the amazing natural pools and enjoy the fine sandy beaches and the crystal-clear water.
Then swim with the dolphins at the Dolphin Island water park nearby. If you haven't had enough of the water just yet, in Bayahibe, keen snorkellers can admire moray eels and lobsters in their natural environment.

It’s a great way for your children to learn: culture is always at the heart of your holiday in the Dominican Republic

The Club Med Punta Cana resort is the perfect base camp for an adventure to discover the origins of the New World as you stroll through the streets of Santo Domingo. Deep in the heart of the colonial district, take your family to discover the first church built in America: the cathedral of Our Lady of the Incarnation.
During your family holiday in the Dominican Republic, lose yourself in the heart of Altos de Chavón. The kids will be fascinated by this reconstructed medieval Italian village. Cobbled alleyways, majestic fountains and a large amphitheatre make it a full-scale playground.

Things to do in the Dominican Republic

Family adventures

Young and old alike will love this original place located just an hour from your Punta Cana Club Med resort. Take an excursion and stroll through this cultural and artistic centre which reconstructs a Mediterranean village of the 16th century. As well as …

Punta Cana

Between Bayahibe and Boca de Yuma, just an hour from your Punta Cana Club Med resort, discover this highlight of Dominica’s heritage. Consisting of two islands, Saona and Catalina, the park was set up to protect endangered species. From cave to undergroun…

Punta Cana

Discover the heart of tropical nature and thrill your family during your all-inclusive holiday in the Dominican Republic. An eco-tour just 20 minutes from your resort, during which you’ll come across cactus, orchids and other varieties of colourful plants…

Punta Cana

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this idyllic island awaits you in the south-east of the Dominican Republic, just 1 hr 15 from your Punta Cana Club Med resort. Catalina is famous for its seabed, so grab your mask and snorkel and take the children f…

Punta Cana

It’s one of the most wild and spectacular places in the Dominican Republic. You can discover this site, just an hour from your Punta Cana Club Med resort, with an organised excursion. Bring your family to feel the sea spray on one of the island’s pristine…

Punta Cana

Who hasn’t dreamed of swimming among the dolphins? At Dolphin Island, just 25 minutes from your Punta Cana Club Med resort, your dream can finally come true. Near Bavaro Beach, it’s a place unmatched anywhere else on the island. Take your family into the …

Punta Cana

Set among 18ha of tropical nature, it’s a great place to witness the country’s environmental diversity for yourself. Just 15 minutes from your Punta Cana Club Med resort, you and your children can discover the "ojos", these freshwater lagoons which are a …

Punta Cana

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