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Our promise to you!

At Club Med we look to go above and beyond to provide luxury all-inclusive holiday experiences. On holidays discover a whole new world with unique activities, world class sports and services fit for families and couples.

Find out what makes us different, discover our Signatures - Our little touches which make our holidays extra special.

Discover Club Med – worldwide resorts all-inclusive experiences.

The Club Med Spirit

The Club Med Spirit

From the minute you take off, to the minute you return, everything we do revolves around making your holiday happy. So let us take you on a journey, a very happy journey, to prepare you for your holiday and help you make the most of every moment with Club…

Paradise in the Sun


In a fun and interactive way, children can discover new things about themselves, others and the world around them. They’ll return home rich in memories and experiences. At Club Med we offer complete childcare for children form 4 months to 17 years.

Our recommended family Resorts with childcare

Sports & Activities

Sports & Activities

Our recommended Resorts for sports & activities


Truly relax and unwind with Zen zones exclusively reserved for grown-ups. All-inclusive swimming pools, hammams and saunas are proof that we provide "in-depth" relaxation. To top off your relaxing holidays why not experience a treatment with our world's best spa brands.

Our recommended Resorts for relaxation

Gourmet cuisine

There's no denying that the French love good food and here at Club Med our French heritage obviously ensures the best quality is serviced first time and every time. Try fresh food with a huge selection in some of the world's most beautiful destinations.

The ultimate ski holiday

Access to the world's best ski domains

We've hand picked the world's best ski domains for you. With over 25 snow resorts all over the world in Japan, France, Switzerland, Italy and China, you'll discover incredible ski fields and rich cultural experiences in the world's most-loved winter destinations.

Our recommended snow Resorts for the best ski domains

Every experience is truly one of a kind

No matter where you go, you'll discover an abundance of winter experiences. For beginners or advanced skiers and snowboarders, our world-class instructors will be your key to the mountain. But you'll also discover a wide range of non-ski activities and find everything you need to relax a day on the slopes.

Our recommended snow Resorts for the best mountain activities

Discover our culinary wonders

When it comes to delectable mountain fare, we have it all. Our chefs are passionate about taking your tastebuds on an indulgent adventure, from cheesy tartiflettes with fine wine, to fresh sushi with sake.

Our recommended snow Resorts to experience the French art de vivre

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